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Hello my Friends!!! It is still very very hot here, I CAN'T TAKE STAND IT ANYMORE!!!!! Well it is almost certain that the packages are lost :( Damn the United States Post Office! But I will make copies of the pictures again and send them to Sandra. Maybe before Christmas the packages will finally arrive!!! So I am in a wedding for my friend Cortney this weekend, I have a yellow dress!!!! It is ugly!! Sandra, you don't have to call me this weekend, I will be at the wedding all weekend! Goodbye! See you in December!

sandra - qui est contente d'etre en we !!!

I had a message in my letter box this morning saying that I have to go and get a package at the post office.
It must be yours !!!! I'm not waiting for anything else.... I'm going tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see the pictures!
Have a nice wedding with your beautiful yellow dress this weekend :-)))) I want to see the pictures and blog them ! and congratulations to Cortney and her husband!

Anabelle - qui est TROP FATIGUEE

Hello ! HOURRA... la France est en 1/4 de finale ! Super....
Bon sinon, désolée pour tous les lecteurs qui chercheront sur ce site des photos du concert de Los Van Van de samedi soir ainsi que des photos (sobres) de la fete de la musique... SANDRA A TOUT EFFACE ! pfffffff.... elle sait pas se servir d'appareil numerique et voila... tout parti en fume en l'espace de qqs secondes.... Enfin on lui en veut pas ; elle est BLONDE ! ah ah ah !

Anabelle - for Michelle

Hi Michelle, how are you??? Sandra left you a msg yesterday after the QUEEN (a very famous nightclub in Paris - but of course you know)... Did you listen to it? And most important.. did you understand what she said (I did not ;-) )...
I saw tha pictures yesterday (they were not with the TITANIC finally)... was great to remember all the good moments we had and to think about the good moments we will have in december... I can tell you, Sandra was really happy with all the thinks you sent her and was really exciting lokking at the pictures ... as we say in french : excitée comme une puce (excited like a flea)... LOL
I slept a very few hours so my working day is terrible today... pffffffff.... I want to go back to bed NOW (I think I am in love with it actually).
A big kiss for you...
By the way, how was your wedding?


Hello ladies! I am so very happy that the packages managed to arrive! Sandra, did your parents receive theirs as well? The wedding was so wonderful, my friend she was beautiful. I am getting the pictures developed today and I will put them on a disk and email them to you all. I will need your email address! Okay I have to go to work now. Yes i did receive sandras message. It was loud but i understood everything she said. Anabelle, go home and SLEEP!! Miss you all!

le swedwa

j ai di trucs a vendre : un gilet ,un abbareil noumerique sans fotos puisque ttes effacees par la personne qui a l a perdi et un alpum photos tri joli et ...pas chiiiir.bijourné


bijour toi.. j'achète tout! je te paierai plus tard, t'inquiètes ;-)

Anabelle - qui est mdr

c un popcorn collant c pour ca que ca a tenu ! Sandra too late, j'ai ete la plus offrante, hein oui ?

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