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Hello all of my French friends! I hope you are all well. I miss you all very much and want to come back to France NOW! Your pictures of Cannes are beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful summer! I will see you all on December 28th!!!

Anabelle - qui se prepare a une dure journee :-(

Hello girls !!!!
Michelle, we are all waiting for your come back... There are many places in Paris that you still need to discover and some clubs and bars that we need to show you absolutly....You need to live here for a while .. you see the good moments you are missing with us??? Hope to see you soon!!! Big Kiss
Back to French... Sandra, super le post sur Roland Garros.. par contre il n'y a qu un seul L a Rolland !!! too bad !!!! ;-)
Bisous et bonne journee aux lecteurs !

Cecilou - qui etait a Montpellier ce weekend

Coucou me revoila !bon ca avait l'air d'etre sympa votre journee Roland ! En tout cas j'ai remarque le new T-shirt de miss anabela !!! Ca y est tu es enfin tendance !!! hihihihiii....je rigole ! bisous a vous deux ....

Sandra - qui ne sait pas ecrire

zut.... je corrige ca tout de suite :-)

Cecilou, quand est ce qu'on aura l'honneur de t'avoir un we rien que pour nous ?!!!!

Michelle, i hope you're having a good time at the golf tournament and that you'll take good pictures of Tiger Woods for my blog!!!

Anabelle - qui part tot ce soir YOUHOU

Coucou ladies (& gentlemen... we never know who will connect today)
Hope you are all fine today... Sandra, I want to bed too late yesterday again... GRRRR ! ;-)
By the way Sandra... it is dead for the garage Thursday... it has been rescheduled on June 15th? Will you be able to pick me up on that day????
Just a big kiss to all of you, I will go back to work!

Sandra - qui a fait la grasse mat'

no problema at all for the 15th !
I don't see Pascal's post today... i beleived he was supposed to leave a message on the blog...
Michelle, tell us about the golf tournament !!!!


Hello girls! The golf tournament was nice. I saw many famous golfers like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicholas, Vijay Singh, and many others. I did not get pictures becuase no cameras or mobile phones were allowed. It was a wonderful day, but I got too much sun on my arms and they are red! I hope you are all having a great day!

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